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Transcription Services

We offer Professionally Managed Transcription Services to our Clients in the fields of Medical, Business, Legal, and General Transcriptions. We have Professional Transcribers and our Depth of Experience includes Different Formats and Templates for Transcription and Adaptability to Specified Formats and Media.

CoreTech Info Systems utilizes State-of-the-Art infrastructure, Dictated Environment, Well-qualified and Experienced Transcriptionists, and High-End Software Technologies to provide end-to-end solutions for your Transcription Requirements. We can customize our Services to meet your specific needs of Digital Conversion with excellent Quality, appreciable Turn Around Time (TAT) and Cost.

We provide a wide range of Transcription Services including Data Transcription, Digitization, Data Migration Services, Conversion of Documents from Media such as Paper, Microfiche, PDF etc. to suitable Electronic Formats and Forms Processing for Diverse Industries’ Requirements.

Data Entry from Print Media

We can convert your Data from Paper, Book or any other source format into organized useful Digital Information. We are equipped to handle small and very large volumes of Data Capture.

Data Entry from Electronic Media including voice files

Apart from Transcribing the Voice Files into Specified Formats, we can also undertake the job of Digital Conversion of Various Source Media Formats to required Digital File format suitable for Electronic Transmission. We also have proven expertise to Transcribe from Print and Electronic Media as well as from Scanned Copies of Handwritten Documents.

Data Entry from Manuscripts

We can provide you with Skilled Specialist Service to Transcribe Early Manuscripts and Historic Documents of all periods for Archivists, Historians, Genealogists and Researchers. Experience of reading such Documents from Record Offices, Archives and Libraries enables us to Transcribe your old Handwritten Records written in English from the 15th Century onwards.

Medical Transcriptions

We can Transcribe Data from the dictations by the Physicians and other Healthcare Professionals regarding Patient Assessment, Workup, Therapeutic Procedures, Clinical Course, Diagnosis, Prognosis and such, in order to maintain Electronic Document of Patient’s Care and facilitate Healthcare Services.

Business Transcriptions

We have proven facilities to provide quality Business Transcription Services for medium to large Businesses and Corporate Houses with flexible turn-around-time.

We can Transcribe Data regarding

v      Conferences

v      Interviews

v      Group Discussions

v      Seminars

v      Press Conferences

v      Board Meetings

v      Insurance Claims Processing

v      Market Research Surveys

v      Annual Meetings

v      Sales Meetings

Legal Transcriptions

We offer Reliable, Prompt, and Cost Effective Legal Transcription Services to save valuable time and money for Lawyers, Attorneys, and Legal Professionals.