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Specific Advantage
Our Value Proposition
  • High Quality Service: We have in place proven processes, which have been deployed on many successful projects
  • Lower development costs: We can offer you tremendous cost savings over your existing development and production facility
  • Appreciable Turn Around Time: We have an established setup staffed by experienced professionals. We can undertake large-scale projects and deploy 'Round-the-clock' execution models, yet deliver them within appreciable Time
Economic Benefits
  • Production-based compensation
  • Minimization of employee expenses (benefits, payroll taxes, space requirements, sick time and down time, overtime, temp service)
  • Maximization of Productivity
  • Re-utilization of employees
  • Elimination of recruitment and training expenses
Efficiency Benefits
  • Improved Timelines
  • Centralization of work flow
  • Improved control
  • Timely detection and prevention of nonconformities
  • No lost data or missing requirements
  • Accurate Transcription with consistently over 99.5 % accuracy
  • Never a case of schedule slippage
  • Lower rates
  • Emphasis on quality in conjunction with productivity
  • Uninterrupted access
  • Strict privacy & confidentiality
  • Strictly controlled development and Production Environment
  • Staff scheduling as per customer requirements - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week
  • Dedicated and devoted customer service
  • Professional and progressive Management
  • 100% data back up and protection from disaster
Our Key to Success
  • We access highly skilled professionals
  • We strategically evaluate your company's needs and try to match those needs with the skills of our professionals
  • We strive to accurately understand your goals and corporate culture
  • We always succeed in minimizing cost by prescreening our resources, resulting in topnotch professionals at fair market rates based on skill sets and experience
  • Regular technology adapting and always be abreast with Technology
  • Well defined and practiced processes
  • Continuous Process Improvement initiatives
Core Advantage

With a mission that enable us to benchmark our performance against the best in the world, our approach to Process Improvement focus on three components that are interrelated - People, Process & measuring Performance.

Quality to us means cost effectiveness, timeliness, usability and efficiency and these are achieved by sustained and small, but significant process improvement opportunities and adapting the best engineering practices, tools and technologies.

We have a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals with rich experience in various spheres relevant to IT. Our team has very good exposure to changing trends in Information Technology. With our rich experience in IT, we have the ability to understand the requirements of your corporate need, necessity and evaluate and suggest the right people with attitude, aptitude, knowledge and skills to make the best fit.

We attempt to help professionals realize their career aspirations and organizations to achieve their business goals through the RIGHT PEOPLE, by leveraging the benefits of delivering efficient and effective Manpower on time.

We have always reiterated that quality service is the only forte to build trust and to grow. Our continuous search for excellence has taught us that innovation is the key to success. 

Every employee in our office values these principles. So what you get is not only one of the best services in the industry, but also the best employees and commitments that your money can hire. Our service just doesn't stop in providing the required people for various projects. It is always the starting point for a continuous business relation.

When it comes to developing the latest in Information Systems, the software engineering knowledge that is required for such development can be expensive. And, when it comes to software development, our knowledge base is unlimited. That means that we can provide you with the skills you need to meet even the most complex project requirements. And, we can do it cost effectively, adhering to the quality expectations of our clients.

Our resources are our People, Processes, Technology and Infrastructure. We inculcate and maintain a conducive working environment that encourages innovation, creativity, ideas, and free active participation.

The core team has proven experience in the IT field and an exposure to heterogeneous computing environments. We have capabilities in handling applications in niche areas, understanding the varied business processes in enterprise-wide applications. 

Our methods and processes have been evolved out of our experience in implementing varied software systems. These methods undergo regular review and change to accommodate process improvements, which has bearing on our productivity and performance levels.

We have a commitment to sustain long-term relations and win and maintain cordial relations with our customers. We are flexible and adaptable to the needs of our customers. Our capabilities have been well appreciated by our clients which endorses our adaptability to the cross cultures across the world.

We incorporate professionalism in management, foresight in strategic planning, transparency, and are acceptable to customer preferences.

We have taken utmost care to built Quality assurance into our process. The development and production processes are supported by the suitably best methodologies, standards and procedures to meet customer expectations during the entire life cycle.

We believe that using systematic development processes is an important characteristic of any mature engineering discipline. We have laid special emphasis on process models, evolution, and analysis paradigms while defining the framework when starting our process improvement initiatives.

We continuously evaluate available methodologies for process analysis and assessment, improvement strategies for action planning including a framework for goal based improvements and measurement. We stay focused on process and product metrics that are used in measuring productivity, size, complexity, and quality.

The continuous improvement process is driven from the top, and implemented from the bottom. The problem areas are prioritized, critical processes selected for improvement, and improvement goals set for the project team.

Our focus is our Customer. Every work group thinks about providing value to customers who use our products or services. This involves finding out exactly what the needs and wants, and ensuring that the process provides it. 

We are based at Trivandrum, the capital city of the state of Kerala, which is wedged into the southwestern tip of peninsular India. Kerala, popularly known as "GOD'S OWN COUNTRY" is a haven of beaches, hill stations, spice plantations, game sanctuaries, a maze of scenic backwaters, coconut lagoons, rivers and breath taking greenery. 

We have broadband connectivity which enable greater reach.  We have well equipped facilities that include a Conference room, Training room, Library and recreational facilities.